God told Moses he should tell the people they
    should make sure the fire on the alter burns
    continually, never to be extinguished. The alter, in
    the tabernacle in the wilderness, typifies the
    eternal sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins.
    Jesus told Nicodemus, the one that came to him
    by night, except a man be born of the Holy Ghost,
    and of fire, he can not enter the kingdom of God.
    In the book of Zechariah the Bible says in that day
    we would look unto him whom we have pierced
    and a tap will be opened unto the house of David,
    for the cleansing of sin.
    When we believe in Jesus, when we believe he
    took away our sins, a fountain is opened for the
    cleansing of sin. Like the children of Israel looked
    on the brazen serpent, after they had been bitten
    of serpents, we must focus our gaze, intently on
    Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.
    Fire is 'esh in Hebrew, the same root word with
    man 'ish. Fire also typifies the female companion
    of the man in Hebrew, it typifies the church. By
    having constant fellowship with the children of
    God, who truly believe in Jesus, God constantly
    washes us from our sins. We can not be in
    darkness and have fellowship with God who is
    light, the Bible states.
    Our sins, all our sins have been forgiven, paid for
    once, and eternally by the Christ. The Bible says
    should we continue in sin and say the grace of
    God should abound, God forbid! We continue in
    sin, if we do not accept the sacrifice of the Christ.


    Unbelief is not negating God's word, unbelief is
    not believing God's word. God might promise us
    something, yet we might still pray, we might still
    pray about God's promise.
    God promised he would build David a house, yet
    David still prayed to God he should fulfill his
    promise. We can pray to God, we are frail, with
    human weaknesses, though we might believe in
    our deepest hearts, about God's promises.
    Sometimes maintaining an attitude of steadfast
    faith, this might be unbelief and faithlessness, in
    the first case. Like the man who brought his
    possessed son to Jesus, and said Lord I believe
    help my unbelief, we can pray out of weakness.
    We can pray out of our frailty.
    The Bible says God's strength is made perfect in


    The spiritual life is not the life of a dog. The Bible
    says we should beware of dogs, of those of the
    concision. For example, Jesus told the
    Syrophenician woman, after he had seen her faith,
    that it was not good to take the children's meat
    and give it to dogs (dogs, Kunarios, little dogs that
    gather affectionately at the master's table).
    The woman acknowledged Jesus, she said even
    the dogs eat from their master's table. Hearing
    this, Jesus acknowledged her faith too, and
    healed her daughter by his word. The life that is
    not spiritual, is a life of receiving crumbs from the
    master's table. Jesus was trying to teach all of
    us, by the situation of the woman, and the
    mention of dogs.
    The Spiritual life is one in which we depend on
    God, and do not fight for ourselves. The Bible
    says though we walk in the flesh, we do not war
    after the flesh. (flesh Sarx, is different from body
    Soma, in the Bible, though both are similar; both
    words are Greek words, the Hebrew word for flesh
    is Basar, and Hebrew does not seem to have a
    unique word for body).
    Even though we walk in the flesh, a spiritual
    person leaves the battle for God, he or she does
    not fight for themselves, they leave the fight for
    God. Dogs go back to their own vomit. Relying on
    the arm of the flesh rather than relying on God, is
    like going back to our own vomit.


    Borne, carried away, healed. How do you explain
    the fact, in a place where people are suffering and
    dying, in the same place people are being treated
    for sicknesses and diseases, some could be said
    to be enjoying, and to be in heaven on earth.
    When I pondered on this, the three words kept
    coming to my mind: borne, carried (away), healed.
    These words are specific, each one for what
    Christ has done for us. Borne - people may be
    suffering, and dying in a place, yet others seem to
    be totally unaware, though they might have their
    own issues they grapple with.
    Carried away - even though they might have
    health issues themselves, yet there is sufficient
    grace, they seem unaffected. Finally, the Bible
    says, by his stripes we were healed.
    Stripes Chaburah in the Hebrew infers the
    suffering that was inflicted on the Christ. A similar
    word is used of the stripes on a Leopard, in the
    Bible. All, borne, carried away, healed, they all
    happened in the past, once, a single time, and for
    all time, in Christ.
    However, like sanctification in the Bible, which is
    like one house going down (the house of sin, and
    the house of unrighteousness), and one house
    going up at the same time (the house of God's
    righteousness), our healing might not be apparent
    or visible, or instantaneous, actually, we have
    been healed by the stripes of Jesus.
    The Bible says being made conformable unto his
    death (talking about Jesus), we might attain from
    from the resurrection of the dead.
    Though, we have been healed once and for all
    time in Christ, by believing Christ died for all our
    sins, yet it seems, sometimes, and in some
    specific cases, we have to suffer to be healed of
    our sicknesses. We have to suffer with Christ.
    Just as the stripes of a Leopard cling to him
    assiduously and tenaciously, our sufferings with
    Christ makes us to be healed in the present (in
    that house), though we have been healed, once in
    the past, and healed for all time.


    Romans 8:16-19 King James Version
    The Spirit itself beareth witness with
    our spirit, that we are the children of God:
    And if children, then heirs; heirs of
    God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be
    that we suffer with him, that we may be
    also glorified together.
    For I reckon that the sufferings of this
    present time are not worthy to be
    compared with the glory which shall be
    revealed in us.
    For the earnest expectation of the
    creature waiteth for the manifestation of
    the sons of God.
    There is the suffering, there is the glory that shall
    be revealed in us. The word revealed is of special
    mention, and emphasis. Revealed for what, to
    whom, and where?
    It seems to me, the word revealed implies an
    audience, or audiences. The word shall be revealed is the
    Greek word Apokalupthenai, of the same root
    word with the revelations to the Apostle John, in
    the book of Revelation. The word implies a lifting
    up (Apo) from something hidden or covered
    The suffering is meant for a purpose, it is meant
    to lead to the glory, in Christ. It is meant to reveal
    the glory of God, and bring the revelation of God,
    in the hearts of people.
    Do not faint because of the suffering, look
    forward to the glory in Christ, with a heart of belief
    and a heart of faith.


    In many churches around here people stand up to give testimonies, and they are
    always trying to "give" their faith unto others, unto the rest of the congregation. The
    same thing happens in these Christian cable television broadcasts from abroad,
    maybe we try to imbibe some foreign tendencies.
    The thing is, I can not give you my faith, I can only encourage you to have the faith of
    Christ, by the word of God. Many of the testimonies people give are not in the will of
    God, and they are not after God's heart. The Bible says (though the context is
    restricted in the Bible) do you have faith, have it to yourself alone.


    Ephesians 5:6-16
    Let no man deceive you with vain
    words: for because of these things
    cometh the wrath of God upon the
    children of disobedience.
    Be not ye therefore partakers with
    For ye were sometimes darkness, but
    now are ye light in the Lord: walk as
    children of light:
    (For the fruit of the Spirit is in all
    goodness and righteousness and truth;)
    Proving what is acceptable unto the
    And have no fellowship with the
    unfruitful works of darkness, but rather
    reprove them.
    For it is a shame even to speak of
    those things which are done of them in
    But all things that are reproved are
    made manifest by the light: for
    whatsoever doth make manifest is light.
    Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that
    sleepest, and arise from the dead, and
    Christ shall give thee light.
    See then that ye walk circumspectly,
    not as fools, but as wise,
    Redeeming the time, because the days
    are evil.
    One way God restores us back to the right path
    after correcting us many times and we would not
    listen, is to shine his light on our dead works, by
    his light on his children. His light brings out the
    hidden things, he humbles us, if we refuse to
    humble ourselves, we are shamed.
    Literally it means our dead works are enlightened.
    Actually, we have been saved from sin, still many
    still follow their own thoughts. God tries to correct
    us many times, if we fail to heed his advice and
    corrections, the next thing is shame.


    Jesus Christ did not come to call us for the things of the world, but for the kingdom of
    God. He neither promised us riches nor wealth, but he gives both according to grace,
    and purpose. Even though the Bible says even though he was rich (concerning Jesus)
    yet he became poor, so that we might become rich, the real point is not about
    physical riches, mainly. Jesus actually says it is very difficult for a rich man to enter
    the kingdom of God, but that with God all things all things shall be possible. Jesus
    neither had a house nor dwelling place while on earth.

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    The Eve Chawwah of every Adam is a rib Tsela'.
    The word translated rib Tsela' and its other forms
    is only translated rib twice in the King James
    version of the Bible, other times it is translated
    with the word side, and some other translations. It
    is the word translated as the side of the ark of the
    A Tsela' can be a person, just like Adam, it could
    also be tribes and nations states that are the
    Tsela'im (plural of Tsela') of every Adam; Adams
    could also be tribes and nation states.
    Concerning the Tsela', and also of the Christ, the
    Bible says eye hath not seen nor ear heard,
    neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what
    God hath prepared for those that love him. The
    Tsela' is invisible in the "household" of every
    Adam. She is not part of the people every Adam
    can marry from covenants signified by Totems, of
    human history and covenants, but she is
    someone every Adam can marry, in the covenant
    of Christ.
    by tonabamiro @ 2012-06-02 10:34:33
    Your Tsela'(your "rib," your mother-wife) is as
    close to you as the shadow Tsel of your physical
    mother. Though you might not be able to see her
    because she is distant, because she is far (from
    the Hebrew word Rachaq, pronounced raw-khak,
    to be far, to widen in any direction, used
    intransively, to recede, and transively, to be
    remote, it is also used in the sense "to be absent")
    she as close to you as the shadow of your
    physical mother.
    This is if you are an Adam. You do not have to
    look far she is there, right with you in your Gan
    Eden, your garden of Eden (your garden of
    pleasure, of enjoyment).
    You only need to open your eyes. The letter Ayin
    is represented by figure 16 (2 times 8), and it is
    symbolized by the eyes. It is added to the Hebrew
    word for shadow Tsel to form the word translated
    rib, Tsela'. You only need to open your eyes as an
    Adam to see your mother-wife, the shadow Tsel
    of your mother (as an Adam), in her chambers (in
    the chamber of the mother).


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