The whites in America should see the blacks as a marriage partner, rather than an inferior partner. However, the Tsela' the Indo-Europeans are married to a specific Adam of the Niger-Congo. The specific Adam of the Tsela' (the whites of the Indo-Europeans) is a specific tribe from West Africa, one of the tribes in Africa, not from East Africa. The other Adam, the other Adam, the other one, that one without a helper, but one that could eventually have the same helper with the Adam with the helper (Christ) is also from the same specific tribe with the Adam with the helper, but from a part that has a different dialect. Americans beware!


    The LORD has a message for the Americans, for the whites, see with God's eyes, do not see with your own eyes. When Admiral Perry went to Japan, he forced Japan to open up to the outside world, later Japan fought a bitter and costly war with America, economically and in terms of human lives.

    China and America seem bent on confronting each other. Perhaps, this is the reason God sent me to the world, to warn the world. The confrontation could spell the end of the world, though according to the prophecy (Isaiah 60), and the other one, the world will not come to the end. All can be averted.

    According to the prophecies, if I too am.seeing correctly, the United States would win, but the world would suffer for it. Caution, see with South Korean eyes, everyone


    I think in the book of Ezekiel, when the glory of God entered the holy of holies, the door was to be shut permanently, ans never to be opened again, the door to the holy of holies.

    So also, when we fully accept Christ, we should make his body the mother church, we gather no more with unbelievers, those who say they are Christians, but still call themselves sinners.

    If wr do gather with them, our sicknesses and diseases could return, though if we still repent and return to Christ, we would regain our healing: and Adam called the name of his wife Eve; for she was the mother of all living.


    One is completely invisible and is married to that which is visible; the other is completely visible and is married to that which is invisible; the one which is visible is of the west, and both the visible and the invisible are of the north. The other Adam is also of the west, and in the north, without a helper. This last Adam, the one without a helper, is not as close to the holies as the Adam with the helper; the Adam with the helper is like a son to the one that is completely invisible, and all live in her house.

    The others are from the east and they are in the south; a couple, man and woman are completely visible and they contain an invisible couple; the other couple is completely invisible, and is contained in the visible couple.

    If you do not understand what I have been talking about, I have been talking about the house of God, and the different types of humans. While one is a helper, the other, in the west and in the north, needs a helper, the Adam. Also while one in the east bodes for that which is good and evil, the other bodes for that which is completely good, in the east, and south.



    I can sense a new cold war developing, this time, not between Russia of the former Soviet Union, and the United States, but between China and the United States. I sensed this a long time ago. Actually, I think the United States will win this one too, though the terrible darkness was going toward the east, which might be a sure sign God was moving from the west, to the east.

    Agreed, some people of the white race could be very proud sometimes, thinking their achievements are the works of their own hands, rather than the works of God; however, the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, the Bible states plainly. Jesus says God gave some five talents, others two talents, and one talent.

    Actually China, in my own opinion, has benefited immensely from the generousity of the United States, irrespective of the fact, some Americans look down on others. What is needed is love, and some respect, and to look on the brighter side of life. There is so much hate underneath the surface.

    The silent conflict between east and west is inferred to, in the Bible: as the east is far from the west, so hath he separated our transgressions from us. There will be a separation between those who continually transgress, and those led by God.

    There is a silent conflict between the east and the west: in the world, and even here in Nigeria. Those from the some parts of the east feel aggrieved, albeit, mostly unjustly. Some easterners feel aggrieved, as they enjoy the hospitality of the west
    The east should be included in any calculation.

    In this case, the of life is in South Korea, in the east of the world, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is some parts of the east of Nigeria. The glory of God can be in the east, or in the west. The east is associated with the south, and the west with the north. Some easterner will enjoy the treasures of darkness, at the same time, suffer from the influence of darkness.


    Many of us do not want to suffer with Christ, but we want to reign with him. The Bible says no chastening at the present seemeth joyous, but grievous, and at the end brings forth the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Most times why we suffer is, God wants us to learn something, he wants to correct us. Probably, he would want us to live by faith, he corrects us

    suffering is part of the measure of Christ, and the sooner we learnt that, the better for us. Christ suffered, taking it patiently, the just from the unjust, the righteous persecuted by the unrighteous.

    The Bible says if we suffer justly God is pleased, rather than if we suffer for wrong. Maybe what we should do, when we suffer justly, rather than for wrong, is to remember Christ passed through the same thing, but was glorified at the end.



    This was taken from

    Nature, The Golden Ratio,
    and Fibonacci too ...

    Plants can grow new cells in spirals, such as the pattern of seeds in this beautiful sunflower.

    The spiral happens naturally because each new cell is formed after a turn.

    "New cell, then turn,
    then another cell, then turn, ..."

    How Far to Turn?

    So, if you were a plant, how much of a turn would you have in between new cells?

    If you don't turn at all, you get a straight line.

    But that is a very poor design ... you want something round that will hold together with no gaps.

    Why not try to find the best value for yourself?

    Try different values, like 0.75, 0.9, 3.1416, 0.62, etc.

    Remember, you are trying to make a pattern with no gaps from start to end:

    (By the way, it doesn't matter about the whole number part, like 1. or 5. because they are full revolutions that point us back in the same direction.)

    What Did You Get?

    If you got something that ends like 0.618 (or 0.382, which is 1-0.618) then "Congratulations, you are a successful member of the plant kingdom!"

    That is because the Golden Ratio (1.61803...) is the best solution, and the Sunflower has found this out in its own natural way.

    Try it ... it should look like this.


    Any number that is a simple fraction (example: 0.75 is 3/4, and 0.95 is 19/20, etc) will, after a while, make a pattern of lines stacking up, which makes gaps.

    But the Golden Ratio (its symbol is the Greek letter Phi, shown at left) is an expert at not being any fraction.

    It is an Irrational Number (meaning we cannot write it as a simple fraction), but more than that ... it is as far as we can get from being near any fraction.

    Just being irrational is not enough

    Pi (3.141592654...), which is also irrational.

    Unfortunately it has a decimal very close to 1/7 0.142857...), so it ends up with 7 arms.

    e (2.71828...) also irrational, does not work either because its decimal is close to 5/7 (0.714285...), so it also ends up with 7 arms.

    So, How Does the Golden Ratio Work?

    One of the special properties of the Golden Ratio is that it can be defined in terms of itself, like this:

    (In numbers: 1.61803... = 1 + 1/1.61803...)

    That can be expanded into this fraction that goes on for ever (called a "continued fraction"):

    So, it neatly slips in between simple fractions.

    Fibonacci Numbers

    There is a special relationship between the Golden Ratio and Fibonacci Numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ... etc, each number is the sum of the two numbers before it).

    When we take any two successive (one after the other) Fibonacci Numbers, their ratio is very close to the Golden Ratio:



    B / A



















    So, just like we naturally get seven arms when we use 0.142857 (1/7), we tend to get Fibonacci Numbers when we use the Golden Ratio.

    Try counting the spiral arms - the "left turning" spirals, and then the "right turning" spirals ... what numbers did you get?

    Spiral Leaf Growth

    This interesting behavior is not just found in sunflower seeds.

    Leaves, branches and petals can grow in spirals, too.

    Why? So that new leaves don't block the sun from older leaves, or so that the maximum amount of rain or dew gets directed down to the roots.

    In fact, when a plant has spirals the rotation tends to be a fraction made with two successive (one after the other) Fibonacci Numbers, for example:
    A half rotation is 1/2 (1 and 2 are Fibonacci Numbers)
    3/5 is also common (both Fibonacci Numbers), and
    5/8 also (you guessed it!)

    all getting closer and closer to the Golden Ratio.

    And that is why Fibonacci Numbers are very common in plants.
    1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ... etc occur in an amazing number of places.

    Here is a daisy with 21 petals
    (but expect a few more or less, because
    some may have dropped off or be just growing)

    But we don't see this in all plants, as nature has many different methods of survival.

    Golden Angle

    So far we have been talking about "turns" (full rotations).

    The equivalent of 0.61803... rotations is 222.4922... degrees, or about 222.5.

    In the other direction it is about 137.5, called the "Golden Angle".

    So, next time you are walking in the garden, look for the Golden Angle,
    and count petals and leaves to find Fibonacci Numbers,
    and discover how clever the plants are ... !


    Why don't you go into the garden or park right now, and start counting leaves and petals, and measuring rotations to see what you find.

    You can write your results on this form:

    Plant Name or Description:

    Do the Leaves Grow in Spirals? Y / N
    Count a group of Leaves:
    How many leaves (a) ?
    How many full rotations (b) ?
    Rotation per leaf (b/a) :
    Rotation Angle (360 b/a) :

    Are There Flowers? Y / N
    How many petals on Flower 1:
    Flower 2:
    Flower 3:

    (But remember, nature has its own rules, and it does not have to follow mathematical patterns,
    but when it does it is awesome to see.)

    * Notes About the Animation

    Sunflower seeds grow from the center outwards, but on the animation I found it easier to draw the younger seeds first and add on the older ones.

    The animation should continue longer to be the same as the sunflower - this would result in 55 clockwise spirals and 34 counterclockwise spirals (successive Fibonacci Numbers). I just didn't want it to take too long.

    The spirals are not programmed into it - they occur naturally as a result of trying to place the seeds as close to each other as possible while keeping them at the correct rotation.

    ◦Golden Ratio

    ◦Fibonacci Sequence
    ◦Irrational Numbers


    Polloi gar eisin kletoi oligoi de eklektoi - for many are called but few are chosen. Jesus made this statement in Matthew 22;14, after giving the parable of the marriage feast, in which the king invited his subjects to the marriage of his son, and one was found without a wedding garment. The king ordered he should be cast into outer darkness, after he had asked him why he was without a wedding garment.

    The wedding garment is the one we obtain by Christ, the Son of the King, However this guy had his own righteousness, just as many do today. We say Jesus has taken all our sins away, however, people believe in their own righteousness, and not in the righteousness of Christ, the one we obtain through him..


    The Bible says in Genesis 11:1, And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech. They were of one Saphah, and of one Davar. Later, as they moved from the east, they made slime for mortar, and brick for stone.

    When Jesus met Peter, he first preached the word of God, Logos. Later, he gave Peter a specific word (Rhema) to cast the net by the side of the boat, to catch fish. Rhema and Logos are Greek words, used in the New Testament, Saphah and Davar are Hebrew words, used in the Old.

    As men moved from the east, they made slime for mortar, and brick for stone, in Genesis 11. Brick Levenah in Hebrew can be broken down into words meaning son of a woman, whereas stone Even, can be be broken down into two words, Av father, and Ben son, son of the father. So, as the children of men moved from their east, they left the son of the father, for the son of the woman. This is symbolic of leaving Christ the Son of the Father, for Satan.

    We must live by the complete word of God Logos and Rhema (Saphah and Davar). We must live by all the word of God, not doing this is to our disadvantage. We must not live by our thoughts, we must make a clear demarcation between our thoughts , and the word of God. Usually our thoughts seem to us, to be very real, and to be the fact, but we must make a demarcation between our thoughts, and the word of God.

    Usually our fears seem so real to us, this is part of our thoughts. The Bible says as far as the east is from the west, so has he separated our transgressions from us. The Christ of is that of the forgiveness of sins, the east. The garden was planted east of Eden, in the garden of Eden. The true Gospel, the true word of God, is that which preaches the total forgiveness of sins.


    Confession is derived from the Greek word Homologeo in the New Testament. The first part of the word Homolegeo, Homo, implies same, or of the same kind. The second is derived from Logos word.

    To confess means to say the same thing as God, or to agree with his word. The word of God says Jesus took all our sin away. It says this is the lamb of God that taketh away the sin (Harmatia, singular) of the world.

    The Bible also says if we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves, but if we.confess our sins he (God) is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So, many believe this portion of the Bible admonishes we should always confess our sins. Actually, as I mentioned before Jesus paid the whole price for sin, he carried all our sins.away.

    The Bible also says God will remember our sins and iniquities no more, when we believe in Christ. The confession the Bible refers to in the book of 1 John, where it says.if we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us all our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness, is the confession of Christ as our Lord and Saviour. And that is what God does, he wipes all our sins away. The Bible says he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    Most people do not like reading the book of Leviticus, because they say they find it boring, very boring. Perhaps, the book of Leviticus is probably one of the most significant in the Bible, since it reveals a lot about Christ, and his sacrifice for sin.

    The book of Leviticus tells us about the day of Atonement (Yom Kippur). On this day the High Priest performed the sacrifice for the whole nation of Israel (entering the Holy of Holies, the only sacrifice in which blood is carried into the Holy of Holies), confessing the sins of the whole nation. There was also the evening sacrifice, and the morning sacrifice.

    The sacrifice of the day of Atonement typifies the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, our High Priest. The High Priest must not enter the Holy of Holies with sin, in the Old Testament. If he did, he died. We can not enter heaven with sin, and we can only enter by Christ.

    The sacrifice of the evening and the morning typifies the other type of confession Christians make. Even though our sins have been forgiven, we sometimes have guilt when we commit sin. So, we confess our faults before the brethren, to be rid of guilt. The Bible says confess your faults one to another, so you might be healed.


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